Kenya is primed for economic success

Kenya can be one of Africa’s economic success stories. Its dynamic private sector, rapidly growing number of young people, new Constitution, and recent peaceful elections are important ingredients of the country’s journey to secure growing prosperity shared across all communities in the incoming years.

Why kenya is the choise investment destination

  • A relatively well-developed manufacturing base in the Eastern African region
  • A fully liberalized economy without exchange of price control, no restriction on domestic and foreign borrowing by residents and non-residents
  • The most developed security market in the Eastern and Central Africa Region.
  • Strong reform gain to encourage investment
  • Good and developed infrastructure
  • Well-developed business infrastructure 
  • Access to large pools of highly educated and skilled workforce.
  • Investment insurance,
  • Favorable weather/climate as well as attractive and diverse social/cultural environment
  • Tax treaties and investment promotions and protection agreements
  • Highly developed social and physical infrastructure
  • Preferential market access
  • Political stability
  • Diversified and established economy with a strong business sector